Evangelizing -- let's DO it!

....that was the essence of the spirit I was overcome with two weekends ago. I caused a bit of a stir: I was at this workshop about spiritually-grounded social action for interested folks within New England Yearly Meeting -- they weren't really expecting that word, I think. You could feel that frisson of naughtiness circulate in the room... Oooo... feel the freedom of speaking what you believe, I might say... but more the point: what if it's a service for others, that speaks to their needs and yearnings? We were talking about building a broad movement of political activism (which I do work on) that would speak to the average person and de-polarize our society. But this in a context of The Lamb's War. Spiritual struggle. The 1650's Quakers who actually quaked -- and lobbied their government, and did sit-ins, and preached in public, and prayed for their enemies, and did all sorts of outlandish things. (We brought in Gandhi in this workshop too --and he saw his movement as a spiritual struggle, too, if I understand rightly.)

Well... if we're talking about reaching people politically, in a struggle against oppression that's both political and spiritual.... shouldn't we be reaching them spiritually, too?

More later... in accordance with my community's minute on technology, our Internet server is about to close down for the night...

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