I can't keep up with all these bloggers. Just reading all the interesting posts on QuakerQuaker could take me all evening sometimes; and writing for the public takes more from me. But significant things have been happening. To wit:

I finally did it. (This was back in May, actually; letter dated May 13th.) I transfered my membership. It was kind of a leap of faith. But the results have been encouraging so far.

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  1. Hi Frederick,

    I discovered your blog thanks to Martin posting you to QuakerQuaker.

    I'm not sure if it's appropriate to say "congratulations" about transferring your membership. In any event, I'm glad you were able to reach clearness.

    Robin M. and I just got back from the FGC Gathering, where we met Steve Chase from Putney, Vt., Meeting. (Google maps says it's "41.7 miles" from West Rindge. That's practically next door in California, but culturally farther in the Northeast!) Do you know him? If not, you might want to seek him out around the "convergence" topic.

    In peace and friendship,

    -- Chris M.